A multi-GPU based particle framework for high performance computing
in space plasma physics

Image credit: NASA

About Amitis

Amitis is a three-dimensional ​(3D in space and 3D in velocity domain) time-dependent multi-species grid-based framework for space and plasma physics that allows real-time simulations. The updated version of Amitis runs in parallel on multi-GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) platforms using NVIDIA GPUs.

The current version contains a hybrid-kinetic plasma solver (kinetic ions and fluid electrons) which can be applied to planetary and fundamental plasma research.

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Plasma interaction with Mars

The movies shows the solar wind interaction with Mars when the orientation of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) changes from a perpendicular to a parallel direction to the solar wind plasma flow. In this run we used our awarded 2x A6000 GPUs from NVIDIA.

Dr. Fatemi received awards from NVIDIA

In August 2021, NVIDIA Academic Hardware Program awarded Dr. Fatemi 2x A6000 GPUs to promote his research in planetary science using Amitis.

Selected Publications

Fractionation of Solar Wind Minor Ion Precipitation by the Lunar Paleomagnetosphere

A. R. Poppe, I. Garrick-Bethell, S. Fatemi
The Planetary Science Journal, Vol 2, 2021

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Hybrid simulations of solar wind proton precipitation to the surface of Mercury

S. Fatemi, A. R. Poppe, S. Barabash
Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol 125, 2020

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Time‐dependent hybrid plasma simulations of lunar electromagnetic induction in the solar wind

H. Fuqua-Haviland, A. R. Poppe, S. Fatemi, G. T. Delory, I. De Pater
Geophysical Research Letters, Vol 46, 2019

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