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Shahab Fatemi

Founder and Developer
E-mail: shahab.fatemi@umu.se

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Dr. Fatemi is currently an Associate Researcher at the Department of Physics at Umeå University, Sweden. Shahab is the founder and developer of the Amitis code.The idea of Amitis popped up in 2014 before Shahab graduated in his PhD research. The very first version of Amitis that runs on a single CPU-GPU pair completed in 2016 when Shahab was a postdoctoral researcher at the Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley. Shahab says: "This was a great achievement, but I could not reach it without great support of my supervisors and project leaders, Dr. Mats Holmström at IRF in Kiruna, Drs. G. T. Delory and A. R. Poppe at SSL/Berkeley, and Dr. W. M. Farrell at NASA/GSFC".
In 2019 Shahab started to convert Amitis to a multi-GPU particle-framework and after nearly 3 years of noncontinuous work, the multi-GPU version of Amitis completed in December 2021.

Andrew R. Poppe

E-mail: poppe@berkeley.edu

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Dr. Poppe is currently an Associate Research Scientist at the Space Sciences Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley. Andrew is a co-founder of Amitis and has been using Amitis to study solar wind and planetary plasma interactions with various solar system bodies, including Mercury, the Moon, asteroids, and the satellites of the outer planets. Dr. Poppe gratefully acknowledges the support of NASA’s Solar System Workings, Lunar Data Analysis, and SSERVI programs for research involving the use of the Amitis hybrid model.